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Richmond Hotel
Richmond Brass Band
Richmond Street Scene
O. Stanat Garage, 1957
Bayham WI 60th Anniversary 1967
Maria & Caleb Cook
At the Home of Dr. Andrew Barrisdale Riddell
Bayham Women's Institute 1981
60th Anniversary 1967
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Calton Baptist Church
Spring Flood 1960
90th Birthday Party - John Timpany
Calton Looking North and South from Corner
Detail from Visitors Book Calton PS
Painting Calton Church
Calton Village Scenes
Calton Road Reconstruction
Cookie Jar Display
WWII Ration Book
Hand Crafted Cover Volume 3
Gong Show Talent Night 1982
Twin Meeting with Payne's Mills WI - June 1986
Calton General Store 1992
Institute Talent
Looking North from Calton
Residents at Grand Royal Farm
McDowell House Built c. 1880
Calton Road Reconstruction
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Cheese Factory After Fire
Corinth Train Station
Loading Baralee on the Plane
Moving House Over Otter Creek c. late 1800's
Robert Veitch House c. 1892
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Eden 1913
Interior Eden Store c. 1913
Stumping Machine
Barn Raising - c. 1895
Teachers Certificate 1866
Atlantic House Eden c. 1960
Stump Fence
Weeping Elm - Eden
Plank Rd. Straffordville
Erosion - Lake Erie
Hunt Club, Straffordville
Diary of Edward Sivyer, Telephone Lineman
Maria Hatch McDowell
Stone Foundation for Barn
Natural Gas Receipt 1926
Atlantic House - Eden
Presentation of Museum Cheque
Early Post Office
Aerial View of Eden 1955
House - Lot 24 Con 8 Bayham
Bazaar Table at Rainy Day Barbeque
Mrs. C. Garnham at Eden WI Gathering 1985
Barn - Con 8 Bayham
House - Lot 21 Con 9 Bayham Built by Walter Stansell